April 12th, 2014

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Hello everyone and welcome to the A-Z Mix Tape!

Do you remember those days when CDs were a far off idea? When tapes and tape players were the cutting edge technology? When the art of creating the perfect mix-tape was a time honoured and exacting tradition and you could sit for hours just to make the perfect combination of your favourite songs?

Although this is mostly a thing of the past - where mix tapes were replaced with the mix cd and now the itunes playlists - we all know the joys of rediscovering those tapes from our past, and listening fondly to the tunes of back then. And we all still know how much joy can come from creating the ideal mixtape for ourselves or someone close to us.

Well now, we hope to recreate the glory of those days by making our very own, user decided mix tape (with a bit of an online twist) that everyone can download once it is completed.

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Now finally, to be able to take part in the ultimate LJ AtoZ mixtape and to decide exactly which songs you want, you need to join the community and hopefully you will enjoy this process as much as us.

Our first update, and the first nomination process, will begin in the next few days when we have a good enough number of members to get a good mix. So don't lose faith - we will get your brains working soon :D

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask them here.