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An additional feature to the AtoZ mixtape.

To my fellow mixtapians,

As some of you may be aware, throughout the development of our AtoZ mixtape we will be having spotlights on certain bands which we feel have made a big impact in music history and that are just so damn popular ;). However, it wasn't easy for us all to decide who should be a spotlight band. One reason was personal preference and another was to do with bands that were bigger in one country/region that weren't in another.

So because of that, and because we have people on our "esteemed panel" from different regions in the world, we will be featuring music from the following countries/regions throughout the 26 weeks:

United Kingdom and

These features will give you a glimpse of music in those regions/countries, some music to download for your listening pleasure and let you discuss and comment about music you like from those countries and your thoughts on the feature.

Also to tie this into the mixtape, we will post a poll, in which you can vote for one of the songs featured in the Counrty/Region Spotlight which will then be included on the final compilation.

So keep your eyes and ears open because we will be bringing you the Australian Spotlight feature in a few weeks!



P.S. We will still be doing spotlights on the bigger bands, this will be an additional feature to keep things a bit eclectic and international :D
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